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When we drop off our children at a child care center, we need the peace of mind that our children will be in a safe and secure environment. As a mother or father, one of the greatest fears is to receive a call that your child was injured while at daycare. In Florida, daycare centers are regulated by the Florida Department of Children and Families.


Florida laws and regulations set the minimum standards for daycares.

• Children must be supervised at all times.

• There must be a staff person that is at least 21 years of age in charge of the child care facility, and on the premises at all times.

• Staff must meet minimum training requirements.

• At least one staff member must have first aid training.

• At least one staff member must have infant and child CPR training.

• A first aid kit must be on the premises at all times.

• Parents must be immediately notified of all accidents and incidents.

• The daycare must not exceed the following child to staff ratios:

Age of Children Minimum Number of Caregivers
Under 1 yr 1 per 4 children
1 yr – 2yr 1 per 6 children
2 yr – 3 yr 1 per 11 children
3 yr – 4 yr 1 per 15 children
4 yr – 5 yr 1 per 20 children
5 yr + 1 per 25 children

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