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Like any medical professional, dentists are liable for the negligent acts committed upon one of their patients. If a dentist has committed malpractice you need a qualified attorney to represent you. We represent clients that have been injured by their dentists.

One of the common surgeries that clients experience problems with are dental implants. Dental implants resemble a small screw-like device that is surgically placed into the bone to replace your roots. Before your dentist performs the surgery, the dentist must determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for the surgery. Among other things, this includes measuring the width of your jaw bone to determine whether there is enough bone to place the implant. Once the dentist places the implant, you typically wait 3 months or longer before receiving your permanent crown, denture or fixed bride. This waiting period allows the implants to fully adhere to the surrounding bone. You may have heard your dentist refer to this as osseointegration.

A dentist can test the implant by tapping on the implant, this is known as percussion, observing the soft tissue surrounding the implant to see if it looks healthy, and inserting a wrench into the top of the implant to see if the implant moves. If your dentist did not follow proper procedures before, during or after the surgery, it may cause you to have failed dental implants, bone loss, poor fitting dentures or fixed brides and you may be required to undergo additional surgeries.

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