Dog Bites

Dog Bites

"My dog doesn't bite." We have all heard it before. The reality is that dogs frequently attack and cause substantial injuries. In Florida, if the dog escapes from the owner's property and attacks you, the owner is liable. Further, in many cases, if you enter upon the property where the dog stays and you are attacked, the owner is liable.

In one dog bite case we handled a retired grandmother was out for a walk in her neighborhood. Unbeknownst to her, two large German Sheppard dogs had escaped from a neighbor’s back yard. As she was walking, she saw the dogs aggressively heading toward the home of one of her neighbors where a toddler was playing in the front yard. Sensing what was about to happen, she yelled at the dogs to distract them. They immediately turned on her and attacked. The dogs repeatedly bit her arms and legs, tearing away her flesh. A passing motorist saw what was happening and held his horn down which scared the dogs away and called 911. In response to the lawsuit, the homeowner took the absurd position that the retired grandmother had provoked the dogs into attacking her. The owner of the dogs had insurance coverage through his homeowner’s policy. The case settled for the maximum limits of the insurance policy before trial.

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