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Car Accident

In a recent study by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there was an average of 665 motor vehicle crashes per day in Florida. Those crashes caused nearly 3,000 deaths and injured almost 200,000 drivers and passengers. .

Each time you drive or ride in a motor vehicle there is a risk of death or serious injury through no fault of your own. Motor vehicle crashes may be caused by the negligence of another driver, the manufacturer of a defective vehicle, the improper design and/or maintenance of a roadway, or a combination of factors.

The type of injury you sustain in a car crash may often play a role in whether the at-fault driver and the insurance companies will accept responsibility and pay the amount you deserve. Broken bones are easy to identify and document. However, soft tissue injuries to your neck and back such as bulging or herniated disks are often looked upon with skepticism by the defendant’s insurance companies. Despite not having any prior symptoms, the insurance companies often claim that your injuries are pre-existing degenerative conditions. Make no mistake, these injuries are real and may be extremely debilitating. We represent people who have been injured in auto accidents, including soft tissue injuries. We will work for you to make the at-fault driver and the insurance companies pay the amount you deserve.

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